Monday, January 13, 2014

HK USA MR762A1-SD Rifle

HK USA has their new MR762A1-SD and MR556A1-SD rifles on hand featuring OSS Inc. Suppressor Systems. The hand guard features a KeyMod Direct Attachment System, though it is reversed compared to how most other handguard manufacturers are doing KeyMod these days. HK determined that this is the proper means of placement to ensure that any attached accessories don't work themselves out do to recoil, which they had heard was a problem. 

HK MR762A1-SD Rifle
The OSS suppressor system is three parts that only requires one stamp for the the entire system and can be configured to the shooter's needs. Only two parts are in place as seen below. The same system is capable of being configured for both the MR762A1 and MR556A1, and can also be adapted to other caliber rifles if needed.

OSS Suppressor System

MR762A1-SD Rifle

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