Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glock G41 Revealed by Massad Ayoob

The Glock G41 seems a bit overlooked with all of the hubub over its .380 brethren, which appears to have received a very warm welcome from our readers. Massad Ayoob in conjunction with Tactical Life has provided us with a first look at the new Tactical/Practical .45 ACP Caliber Pistol designated G41 with a similar barrel length, slide width, and the slimmed down profile of their competition line G34 and G35 with Gen 4 features. A video is worth a million words, so carry on. Mr. Ayoob also has a video on the Tactical Life channel for the G42 if you haven't got enough juice out of that squeeze yet. See the complete overview for both new Glocks at

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