Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gilboa Snake DBR and Corner Shot at SHOT Show

We stopped by the LDB Booth to check out the Gilboa line of rifles as well as the Corner Shot from Silver Shadow out of Israel. Not only will they be looking to bring the Gilboa rifle line and the Corner Shot to the United States, but they are also looking to manufacture the firearms and conversion system stateside to avoid any import regulations. 

Gilboa Snake DBR at SHOT Show
While Gilboa had previously acknowledged the Snake Double Barrel rifle as a concept piece, they have now confirmed that this is a full operational model on display and is intended to hunt terrorists to max capacity. Will you need a stamp? Most likely not from our understanding of its operation and confirmation from an ATF source, but Caveat Emptor. Assuredly, they will have a letter and further affirmation on the matter to clear your conscience assuming other factors involved don't negate a yearning for a double barrel AR-15. 

Corner Shot and Gilboa Rifles at SHOT Show
The Corner Shot will also be manufactured stateside with a scaled down civilian version, so you too can shoot around corners with your Glock. 
Gilboa Snake DBR SHOT Show 2014

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