Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Condor Tool and Knife 2014 Hawks and Blades

Myke Hawke was hanging out at the Condor Outdoor booth firmly grasping one of their latest to chop bush. I was in the right place at the right time and contemplated that I should be looking for some thrashers for which the big blade manufacturer was known to deliver from the dank, deep, and dirty jungles of El Salvador. 

Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk 
The sales rep. had to explain to the current visitor that Condor blades are not manufactured in China, but El Salvador. I contemplated the countless visitors asking "where are they made", followed by a quick response, "Its OK, they use U.S. Dollars in El Salvador and it helps develop the economy." Knowing what I know about El Salvador, this is a perfectly valid argument, though they are still not manufactured in the United States as those few knife companies manage to pull off. 

Moonstalker Knife (top) and Slobolo Knife (bottom)
I guess the owner has some connection or another to the Central America paradise but, I wasn't paying enough attention as I contemplated what Myke Hawke was up to. Mr. Hawke did so himself as he firmly and gruffly proclaimed, "Where do I go next", as he headed off from Condor. I often have this thought at SHOT Show, but tend to think it to myself rather than strongly voice it out loud. 

Tomahawk Axe and Soldier Axe
In between explaining the actual knives and their new machetes, the poor fellow had to point out that they were not the Condor Outdoor that craftily hands out swag bags to collect catalogs to sell on Ebay and other tactical goodies strewn across SHOT Show. At any rate this sums up my personal experience at the booth, while waiting dutifully to get some specs and highlights from Condor Tool and Knife. Hope the captions help as that is all I managed to get in the time allotted. If you can take anything from this, its go buy a Warlock Machete. Someone walked off with it, so I couldn't get a photo, but it looks dastardly in the catalog. 

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