Saturday, January 18, 2014

AM-TAC Precision at SHOT Show 2014

There were a wide range of new products on hand at SHOT Show for AM-TAC Precision. Not only are they looking to build rifles utilizing all of their own parts, they also showed off their 416 Hushpuppy round, which has a 450 grain round with a .416 cartridge. They developed the cartridge to provide local law enforcement with the stopping power of a 12 gauge shotgun in an AR-15 platform. They also wanted it to be a subsonic cartridge to be utilized with suppressed rifles. 

Ten rounds of .416 Hushpuppy will fit in a standard USGI Magazine for more versatility with existing magazine options. 
.416 HP Hushpuppy
There was also the AM-TAC K.R.S. V2 KeyMod Handguard with the QIK System on hand at their booth, which features the KeyMod system at the 3, 6, and 9 position. In addition at the 3 and 9 position they have back angle cut the attachment point, so that you can mount an anti-rotational QD Swivel without the need of any additional accessory. 

AM-TAC K.R.S. V2 KeyMod Handguard

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