Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aero Precision SHOT Show 2014

Some companies don't always get the best shake on their booth spot and we found Aero Precision at the back of the bottom floor. If you have been to SHOT Show, you would know this is a quite neglected space. However, the representatives at Aero Precision were on top of their game and actually knew all of the products they had on display, which surprisingly isn't always the case for other booths. They will now be offering a higher profile handguard version for their COP (Continuous Optics Platform) Monolithic Upper Receiver to allow space for a piston conversion kit. They will be integrating an Adams Arms AR-15 Piston Conversion Kit for this very purpose. 

Aero Precision COP Piston Compatible Monolithic Upper Receiver
Aero Precision has also released their new Ultralight 1" Scope Mount, Extended. This is essentially the same lightweight scope mount but with the rear ring moved forward for improved eye relief. You can see a side by side with the previous model below. 

Ultralight 1" Scope Mounts (Extended - Right)

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