Monday, January 13, 2014

Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC Unveils The Green Bullet Project AKA Green-Lead

With all the new EPA pollution requirements regarding LEAD smelting; it appears the costs for compliance in the US; has passed the point of no return.  The costs to meet the stricter/cleaner operations standards has compelled the last major US based lead smelting facility (Doe Run) (One of the largest in the world) to close its doors forever.  This means in order to recycle the lead currently in the US, it will have to now be exported, and then Smelted, than it must re-enter the US. Compared to the current model, each step will add additional costs (Transportation and others). 

The expected new costs, combined with the clean-up/lead mitigation required by all shooting range owners; according indoor range owners around the country the cost to comply with EPA cleanup & daily airborne LEAD Mitigation requirements/testing of employees can be over $100,000.00 per year for mid-sized facilities. These costs get passed on to the consumer and prevent growth in the industry by pushing cost too high for end users. The shooting industry is going to have no choice but increase pricing to cover the additional costs of working with lead, or find cost effective alternative materials as a lead substitute.

SHOT SHOW JAN - 2014 – (Media day at the Range) Anticipating the ammunition industry would likely need/want cost effective, LEAD alternatives.  Advanced Ballistic Concepts (ABC) has spent 3+ years creating a diverse lineup of 100% LEAD FREE products. The company is announcing Today; Zuerillium Alloy™ it has “The closest look and feel to Lead”™ of any non-restricted Lead substitute.  Most importantly it has a blend of the most favorable ballistic properties of Lead & Copper combined; without environmental concerns of LEAD or the high cost of Copper!

The proprietary blend of lead free alloys that make up Zuerillium™ & Zuerillium HV™ (High Velocity’) offer not only superior performance to the leading lead free consumer products like Copper, it achieves it at nearly half the price!

  Along with a substantially lower price, the research team at (ABC) developed the Zuerillium Alloy™ to have nearly identical ballistic properties for use in firearms compared to Copper; with several distinct advantages; (i), Zuerillium™ & Zuerillium HV™ have melting points of (+-7870F) approximately ½ the amount required to melt Copper @ (1,9830F) allowing the Zuerillium Alloy™ to be processed far more cost effectively.  (ii) Zuerillium™ has a semi-firm plasticity making it ideal for taking up rifling in the gun barrel to assure accurate flight, without excessive barrel friction or residue deposits (Barrel Leading). (iii) The unique characteristics of Zuerillium HV™ traveling at hyper-sonic velocities, provides for more than ample stopping power for any Hunting or Personal Defense application.

The Green Bullet Project™ team has more than 30 years of precision part manufacturing experience working with a wide range of metals and brings there combined knowledge to the project. The new blend of metals called Zuerillium Alloy™ a part of their   Green Lead™ line of products, has a propriety design and heat treating process to ensure all the necessary performance criteria to be Gun Barrel Friendly™ while delivering unmatched performance.     
“Green Lead™ bullets are the perfect affordable solution for shooters who need or want to replace lead.  While solving the environmental issue was major concern, it was more important that the new Green Lead™ products would be embraced by the end-users as a real solution that does not sacrifice stopping power.  This meant high performance and a reasonable price.”  Todd Kuchman (Inventor)  

The combined high quality alloy blend and proprietary design features make ABC’s new line of GREEN LEAD™ products meet or exceed all industry standards at a greatly reduced price over current options like copper bullets.

ABC is currently ramping up production of its Zuerillium Alloy™ rounds in the most popular small arms cartridges.  And will be expanding its lineup in Q-2 2014 by offering additional LEAD-FREE composites for the Long-Gun & Shot-Gun formats.  There are currently 3 distinct categories: Range Rounds, Personal Defense and Tactical Elite, each optimized for use by the three major market segments: (i) shooting ranges (ii) civilian gun owners (iii) Government military/police. By offering the variants, ABC can address the needs of shooters at all levels of price and functionality without the high cost of LEAD cleanup or the high cost of copper.  Making the new GREEN-LEAD™; a smart choice for those that want or need to shoot LEAD FREE ammunition.  

The company is currently focused on introducing the ABC branded product to distributors and resellers to bring its innovative ballistic technology to the worldwide tactical / personal defense ammunition markets.  However, we are an open-minded company, and are genuinely interested in partnering with the industry leaders, to allow them to offer the Zuerillium Alloy™ & Zuerillium Alloy_HV™ to their customer base. Organizations interested in working with ABC can contact the company at (1-855-339-5437) or by visiting the company’s website at

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