Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top 10 Posts for 2013

We generally loathe top 10 lists, but were curious as to what our most seen posts were this year and thought we would share. There is no limit on what topic we may cover as long as it is interesting or news and we usually know right away if it is something we want to share. The links below are in order of which had the most page views. We should close the year with 900 posts so this is basically the top 1% unless something mind blowing pops up in the next week. Some had more help from the Google Fu than others, but this is a fair enough sampling of what people must have found interesting over the year. 

Thanks to Aaron Cowan over at Sage Dynamics, whom clearly provides interesting content for us. Be sure to remember Manchin and Toomey during their next election, so they can't write any more abominations such as this one seen here and we can have something more interesting in its place next year. 
  1. Sage Dynamics Firearms Training: Press Check? Maybe You Shouldn't
  2. OFFGRID Magazine
  3. Manchin-Toomey Amendment No.715 to S.649 Roll Call Vote
  4. Magpul SHOT Show 2013 New Products
  5. Sage Dynamics Firearms Training: Cover and Concealment
  6. Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Nomad AR-15 and Cisco 1911 Revealed
  7. New SOG Knives for SHOT Show 2013
  8. U.S. Army Licenses OCP from Crye Precison as Principal Camouflage Pattern
  9. Introducing New A-TACS LE Camo
  10. U.S. Army to Present Camouflage Improvement Effort Results

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