Tuesday, December 31, 2013

S.T.A. Sniper Knife from Medford Knife and Tool

As you may have seen from our previous postings on Medford Knife and Tool, their fearless leader, Greg Medford definitely gives you a backroom view into the production of his knives. This can get quite interesting beyond your typical product overview. Their latest video release is no different as they cover the new 187 line of knives and give a great tutorial on different blade grinds.

S.T.A. Sniper Knife
What is of most interest to us starts up at the 14:45 mark where Greg Medford starts getting into the nitty gritty on the new S.T.A. Sniper Knife. S.T.A. Training Group offers firearms courses locally in the Phoenix area, so its easy to see how they met up with Greg Medford and his great knives. There are plenty of knives on the market with added tools, but we found this one of particular interest as it integrates all of the tools directly into a fixed blade combat knife. The prototype shown includes a wrench and screw driver for scopes and their mounts as well as a recessed range finder and ruler. We definitely look forward to seeing the finished product. 

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