Wednesday, December 4, 2013

O'Neill Ops Mixing Up Camo

If you thought multiple camouflage patterns for different environments was too complicated, then it may get a bit boggling for you if people start to mix things up. O'Neill Ops can be seen in the photo doing just that in a Coyote hunt. Many times it is done due to the equipment available when a military is in transition, however a varied terrain can bring a true utility in mixing up different pattern variants to better conceal your position. 

O'Neill Ops PenCott SnowDrift Field Test
In this case the hunter shown is wearing PenCott Badlands Pant and a SnowDrift Overwhite Top. We have previously seen them utilize the complete Overwhite Set manufactured by Applied Orange to great effect, but you can definitely see here how the mix up provides for the best solution given the circumstances. O'Neill Ops notes, "This is a prime example of why we often go with alternating color combs during the winter, when snow gets thin. Often times, snow camo doesn't have enough contrast for the we mix and match. Of course out in the open and with enough snow cover, the complete Overwhite set makes perfect sense as you can see below. 

Coyote Hunt in SnowDrift Overwhites
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