Friday, December 13, 2013

Ice Arms Nameless Side Charging AR Now Available

As with anything new and promising innovation there is a bit of a waiting time and the typical change in release dates. Ice Arms has announced today that they now have a very limited number of their Nameless Side Charging Rifles available with a Direct Impingement Gas System. They will also be releasing a Gas Piston version at a latter date. 
Ice Arms Nameless Rifle
The Nameless AR-15 platform rifle features a non-reciprocating side charging billet upper receiver with a forward assist integrally placed in the charging handle. The rifle will also included their own in-house Nitrided bolt carrier group, 16" 5.56x45mm NATO 416 Stainless Steel barrel and compensator. It is finished off with a Seekins SAR 12" Hand guard. The complete rifle is now available along with a complete upper receiver group featuring a shortened 6.75" barrel and a couple other key features making for an affordable Side Charging SBR or Pistol conversion. We think this will make a good running compared to other side charging options on the market given the low price. See both options now at

Nameless 6.75" Complete Upper Assembly 5.56x45mm 

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