Saturday, December 21, 2013

Grey Ghost Gear Horrid Tactical Christmas Sweater Contest

Grey Ghost Gear will be holding a contest through Christmas, in two parts. One on Instagram, one on Facebook - each will be a version of the "Horrid Tactical Christmas Sweater" contest. Their full instructions follow.
Ugly Sweater Por Ejemplo
To win, applicants need just post a picture to either Facebook or Instagram, tagging it with @greyghostgear, #greyghostgear and #horridtacsweater. This picture must obviously have some sort of truly awful Christmas sweater in it as well as some sort of tactical component - we'll leave that to their imagination. Our glorious Despotrix (and Director of Business Development) Ms. Lindsey Lea will pick a winner from each place after Christmas and announce them. Winners will each receive one of a handful of limited edition Grey Ghost Gear "Back Alley Fighters" by Koncept Knives. 

Grey Ghost Gear "Back Alley Fighters" by Koncept Knives
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