Saturday, December 14, 2013

Google Buys Boston Dynamics

The New York Times has reported today that Google has purchased the large robot developer Boston Dynamics. They have been developing Robots for over two decades after spinning off from M.I.T. and have been working closely with DARPA to create government funded ground robots for various purposes including load carry, as well as human-like bots that can test clothing and protective equipment generally utilized by the military. We haven't seen any of their ground based bots utilized as weapon systems, however is not a big stretch considering the use of aerial drones and other ground bot manufacturers like iRobot toying with the concept including the carry of explosive charges. 

Boston Dynamics Atlas
With a large cash holdings of over $15 Billion and a plethora of tech geniuses constantly pouring into the company, we can only imagine the possibilities with a push in robot technologies from Google. It is nothing for them to plunk down a few billion on a big name bot manufacturer and what added cash may bring along with government contracts makes this acquisition very intriguing.

Boston Dynamics has been leading the way in creating some of the more advanced robots that can run fast, maneuver difficult terrain, and climb buildings. Google has mastered the cyber world as we currently now it with a demanding grasp on search capabilities and complementary advertising funds, so it will definitely be interesting to see how they carry over their tech savvy and funding to further Boston Dynamics in creating innovating real world robotics to do our bidding. We can think up some fun scenarios, but we will leave that to your imagination. 

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