Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wheaton Arms KeyMod Handguard Comparison

We think the benefits of the KeyMod Direct Attachment System are apparent. The open source technology allows for lighter handguards and a modular system for different accessories from multiple manufacturers that allow for your components to have a lower profile when attached.. Ease of use for attaching accessories is also a huge benefit over prior options. Many of these facts have been discussed when showing of different handguards that have been released with the KeyMod Sysem. 

Wheaton Arms shows off their own KMOD 13.2" Handguard in the video provided below and gives a comparison to a Troy Alpha Rail with a cheeky pseudonym. Some folks have expressed to us that they weren't familiar or didn't quite understand the KeyMod System as if it was some newfangled space age technology or worse just some tacticool invention to sell more handguards.

Wheaton Arms KMOD 13.2" Handguard 
Sure a photo is great, but a video like this from Sootch00 provides a much better visual means of seeing the benefits if you haven't had the chance to try out the KeyMod System on your own. It definitely drives home the point when compared to one of the more well recognized previous styles. In the scheme of things it is a simple concept executed quite nicely for use with firearms. Hopefully, this can help take away any mystique that is out there and let the naysayers see that it isn't hype, but a practical means for its purpose with many great manufacturers offering the handguards and compatible accessories.

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