Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steven Seagal to Promote Kalashnikov at SHOT Show 2014

There was a time we searched for the elusive Seagal at SHOT Show 2012 only to be thwarted in our attempts. This year should prove more fruitful, while we may have a more captive audience as Steven Seagal is reported to be promoting the Kalashnikov brand at the 2014 show. Kalashnikov Group's General Director, Konstantin Busygin states that a contract has not been agreed upon, but they are in strong negotiations for the martial arts movie legend to appear on their behalf. It is noted that he will not promote their sniper rifles as he apparently already has an exclusive agreement with another manufacturer.

The company is looking for Steven Seagal to breakdown import barriers between the United States and Russia for Kalashnikov firearms. Will we get a photo of Mr. Seagal doing the splits while being held up by two VS-121s? Only time will tell.  

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