Friday, November 8, 2013

RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations Bag

A lot of products are coming on the scene to provide you with the capabilities to carry your complete kit inconspicuously while on the go. RE Factor has developed their Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag for that exact purpose. Some unique features include a dedicated pocket for cell phones, credit cards, and passport with RFID blocking material to protect your personal information. There is a surprisingly large amount of storage are along with plenty of organization integrated into the bag. They also provided a dual carry option with duffle or shoulder straps.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag
RE Factor Tactical has now provided the video overview below that best represents the different layers constructed into the ASO Bag and their intended purpose. If you prefer info-graphics, you can gather the same type of info from the promo shot above. The ASO Bag is currently available for purchase at

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