Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pre-Solicitation for Operational Camouflage Pattern Fabric with Permethrin Treatment

There are still plenty of naysayers out there including those within the mainstream media as well as military journalists that don't think the U.S. Army is moving along with plans to transition out of the Universal Camouflage Pattern into MultiCam. There are numerous reports to support the Army's active pursuit of OCP as the principle camouflage pattern based on facts as well statements made by decision makers from within. 

Today, Natick released a Pre-Solicitation for 15,000 yard of Permethrin treated 50/50 NYCO Fabric from an EPA approved vendor for a firm fixed price contract. While, on its face value this is nothing new as uniforms treated for insect repellency has been an existing product and long in the works for an overall improvement in quality of military clothing utilizing this added protection. However, the key terminology utilized for the color utilized on the fabric was Operational Camouflage Pattern. Soldier System Daily discussed the evolution of terminology as the U.S. Army transitions away from the use of Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern or simply OCP as previously utilized in such solicitations.

Another key factor in the pre-solicitation is the fact that they are looking to pick up around 3,000 uniforms worth of fabric. This is not a huge figure given the size of the U.S. Army, but it is sizable amount for testing purposes and clearly the specific camo terminology is changing with the need to find more advanced fabric solutions. The argument that licensing for OCP was simply a cost saving matter due to Operation Enduring Freedom will only hold up so much longer if they continue to procure uniforms in the pattern. 

While, the Army is taking their sweet time in making any official announcement and well known media sources are having fun with the headlines and touting the ill advised decisions of utilizing UCP, keep in mind that they have something in the works for OCP, MultiCam, or whatever they want to call it tomorrow. Unfortunately, a solution from the Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Effort doesn't appear to play a factor for the near term. You can see the full pre-solicitation at

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