Thursday, November 14, 2013

NASCAR Partners with 5.11 Tactical

In a further sign of the growing legitimacy of tactical apparel, NASCAR has brought 5.11 Tactical on board as their official uniform manufacturer for racing officials. 5.11 Tactical also will be the Official Tactical Apparel and Gear Supplier of NASCAR. Other official partners that NASCAR has teamed up with this year include Sherwin-Williams, FDP, HP, Liberty Tire Recycling and Prevost. You can also expect to see a complete 5.11 Tactical NASCAR apparel line by next year. 

We think there is much cross over potential between racing and the tactical apparel/gear industry and there has been much success from companies like Mechnix Wear, which gained much of its popularity from their gloves initially developed for the racing industry. Clearly 5.11 Tactical has grown into a recognized entity that goes beyond any specific niche and are definitely looking for new means to spread their brand and broaden their customer base.  

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