Monday, November 25, 2013

MultiCam Family of Camouflage Patterns Revealed

The original transitional MultiCam camouflage served a much needed role for concealment in Afghanistan where varied terrain provided a problem in blending in with a environment specific camouflage pattern. Crye Precision has now expanded their offering of their MultiCam pattern to cover Arid, Tropic, and Alpine terrains. As you may already know they also released a MultiCam Black pattern specific to law enforcement. All of the new variants are based on the original pattern with differed color palettes to meet the intended purpose of concealment.
MultiCam Tropic
We have provided a quick breakdown on the intended environments for the new patterns.

MultiCam Arid: Open Desert Sand and Rock Terrain

MultiCam Tropic: Lush Jungle Environment

MultiCam Alpine: Snow Covered Environment

MultiCam Black: Law Enforcement Identification

We have already heard the naysayers asking why Crye would release other patterns if their original MultiCam was for multiple environments. The simple answer could be that a transitional environment in Afghanistan may not be the same as one in a different part of the world. A pattern may fit the needs of multiple terrains for one region and not another. We have seen camouflage designers produce multiple transitional options using the same pattern, but different color palettes to meet the needs of the different vegetation present at varied transitional environments. MultiCam has proven effective in multiple areas around the globe and is utilized by multiple organizations for that exact reason, so one could venture to say that its role has expanded far beyond Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and proven itself as a versatile pattern. 

MultiCam Arid
Of course, the true reason for a variety of environment specific patterns goes much beyond a simple solution. With the U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, it was already known that Crye Precision would be developing a Family of Patterns with 3-4 options for Arid, Woodland, Transitional, and OCIE/PPE.  It has already been shown that patterns like Desert and Woodland MARPAT prove more effective in U.S. Army studies for their specific environment.

MultiCam Alpine
The U.S. Army has dawdled due to several variables, but in the end it makes perfect business sense for Crye Precision to seize the moment and the upcoming SHOT SHOW to showcase their Family of Camouflage Patterns. Competing camouflage design companies are already reaching multiple manufacturers to purchase their patterns. Obviously the "free" marketing that the U.S. Army can provide should not be overlooked, however what do they have to lose when it is apparent they are the front runner for any near decision and have a wide open market to offer their proven patterns.

MultiCam Black
The best aspect of the original MultiCam pattern is the fact that it can fit into those environments that are not very specific to one of the other patterns. They also point out that it can be utilized as a catchall pattern for OCIE/PPE. Perhaps the most contrast would be present with the MultiCam Alpine and MultiCam Black, but its easy to see that those patterns have very specific purposes. However, for Arid and Tropic, you can easily see how the combination would work just fine. Hopefully, the Army picks upon this quickly as well once public notice of the pattern sees the appeal. 

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