Thursday, November 7, 2013

McNett Tactical Silver Odor Eliminating Clothing Spray

We have seen our fair share of military and sports apparel utilizing silver treatment of one type or another for its anti-microbial properties, among other benefits. McNett Tactical has just introduced a new spray on product that incorporates silver for that very purpose. Spray on deodorant is popular for personal hygiene, so why not carry it over for a similar concept with different ingredients as an easy fix in keeping your clothing odor free during intense activity or when you simply are not washing your clothes as regularly as you may prefer. You can find the full press release below. 

Bellingham, WA November 6, 2013

McNett® Tactical, the leading developer of Ready, Reliable, Required Tactical Gear, is pleased to report positive feedback on its newest silver re-treatment and odor eliminator which utilizes antimicrobial silver ions to prevent smells, remove odors and block scents.
“We know that silver works at removing odors and that it works very well. However, typical silver treatments wash away after only a couple of launderings,” said Christian Rudolph, product marketing director. “The big problem is what to do when the previous treatment washes or abrades away. Our new formula allows you to restore factory silver treatments to any piece of gear or clothing.”

The new odor eliminator also works on items that have never been treated with silver. Simply spray clothing, boots, helmets, gear, body armor or ponchos and wait 48 hours. The long-lasting treatment eliminates odors and prevents their return.
“There’s no need to toss your old silver-treated clothing or gear, just because the silver has washed away,” said Rudolph. “You can now re-treat that gear, or any other piece of stinky clothing or gear, with our newest silver re-treatment and odor eliminator.”

McNett Tactical will debut the new product at the SHOT Show on January 14 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Law enforcement or military professionals interested in early samples can contact McNett Tactical at  customerservice(at)mcnett(dot)com. Provide your name, address, contact phone number and the agency you are affiliated with.

About McNett Tactical 

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