Monday, November 4, 2013

IHA AK-47 Hammer Trunnion

There are a few great AK Stock Adapters on the market including the popular model from VLTOR, so that you can easily swap out your wood buttstock for a modern adjustable M4 Stock. Iron Hammer Armory has now cut out the middle man and developed their own IHA M4 Low-Profile AK- 47 Hammer Trunnion, which allows you to completely swap out the rear trunnion and direct connect a Milspec Buffer Tube to accept any M4 style buttstocks. 

IHA M4 Low Profile AK-47 Hammer Trunnion
The video below will best explain the enhanced capability of the Hammer Trunnion as well as some additional installation aspects. Stick around till the end as Martin from Iron Hammer Armory discusses future developments for the Hammer Trunnion that can really make things interesting for the custom AK market. Ordering is currently available online at

IHA AK-47 Hammer Trunnion Installed

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