Sunday, November 10, 2013

BCS Goes Grey

Beez Combat Systems has now introduced Grey to their color lineup. As you may have seen with many popular nylon gear manufacturers, grey is becoming one of the more standardized options. This fact has not been lost on BCS and they have come up with their own selection simply known as Grey. Many have touted the colors ability to blend in well for an urban environment as well as under darkness.

In history we have seen the Germans utilize Feldgrau (Field Gray) to great effect even if its true intention was not as a camouflage. The grey uniforms helped conceal their soldiers at a moderate range prior to their use of actual camouflage patterns. Clearly it is relatively less conspicuous out in broad daylight amidst the populace than any camouflage pattern.

BALCS LVR in Grey w/ BFG Urban Wolf Grey Pouches
The photo above gives you a quick glimpse to the comparability with the new grey color option with Wolf Grey pouches from Blue Force Gear as we are sure some folks are into that sort of thing. Predator Intelligence is a dealer for BCS and you can find their products in the new grey color from Pouches to Plate Carriers at Predator Armament

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