Friday, November 29, 2013

Agilite Has the New Black!

Sure there is Coyote Brown and Urban Grey Wolf or whatever they call the lighter shade of fail, pffft. But, you ain't seen nothin' till you have seen what Agilite has cooked up somewhere deep in the heart of the holy land. Now that MultiCam Black has been introduced by Crye Precision, Agilite Black has been showcased as a direct complement to the new camo pattern. Agilite Black is devoid of bright colors and uses a subtle blend of black mil-spec fabric with black thread and black hardware. The new color has been developed to conceal an operator among the shadows in night environments. 

Agilite Black M4 Pouch
Dark as the night, Agilite Black is the ideal color to work in conjunction with MultiCam Black to provide an authoritative and professional look in urban settings. Agilite products have always featured this color option, so perhaps it was just overlooked all this time. However, one should not miss the opportunity to utilize the recommended color for use with MultiCam Black Uniforms. See the full scoop at

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