Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TYR Tactical 2014 Catalog Sneak Peek: Sling Ding

You think you have seen it all and then the innovators put out something different. TYR Tactical has now released their Sling Ding for a limited time as a sneak peek into their 2014 Catalog. The Sling Ding was developed by Pat McNamara, so you know it was designed by someone that actually knows what tools are needed for those that will use them.

Sling Ding Attached
The Sling Ding attaches directly to a standard QD socket utilizing the built-in sling swivel. The opposite end links in with any sling that 1.25" or less in width. The grip tube is manufactured with a heavy duty Schedule 80 PVC. Stated benefits over a typical fore grip includes more varied positioning and a smaller profile for shooting around barriers. TYR Tactical is offering the Sling Ding for 5 days only starting tomorrow, before its official release in 2014. Ordering is available online at TYR

TYR Tactical Sling Ding

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