Monday, October 7, 2013

TAC Polymer Hybrid AR-15 Lower Receiver

We are seeing a wide variety of manufacturers coming into the firearms industry with their owe take on the AR-15 Lower Receiver with many polymer versions looking to provide an affordable alternative to metal. Clearly the biggest hesitancy to purchasing a polymer receiver is the overall durability, lightweight, as well as compatibility with mil-spec parts. Tennessee Arms Company is looking to bring a hybrid polymer receiver that integrates metal in keep areas of the receiver to increase overall durability and ease of use. 

Tennessee Arms Company Polymer Receiver
The key difference from standard polymer receivers, which they have patented and you can see in the photo is the use of Marine Grade Brass threaded inserts for the pistol grip and buffer tube threads. They also note an extremely tough polymer blend for an overall durable construction. With a listed introductory price of $45 we are sure some will take notice once they start moving, but we are definitely interested in seeing the end product in use and any end user testing. For more information visit:

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