Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Smith Enterprise M2A1 Vortex .50 Cal Flash Hider

We just received the latest product news from Smith Enterprise with the release of their Vortex Flash Hider for the .50 Cal. M2A1. You will find their full release below.

.50 Cal Vortex Flash Hider M1A1
Smith Enterprise designed a Vortex Flash Hider for General Dynamics several years ago for their improved .50 Cal Flash Hider project they were trying to win from the US Army.  Even though General Dynamics liked the SEI Vortex flash hider, they ended up making their own version of the old Smith Enterprise straight flute design.  The General Dynamic’s straight flute version is inferior to the Vortex because it did not have helical flutes which is a patented technology owned by SEI that blocks up to 98% of the flash.

SEI then got a call from 1SG Michael Onstine from the 82nd Airborne and he wanted to try Vortex on his unit's M2A1 Quick Change .50 Cal machine guns.  So Smith Enterprise designed a Vortex that will screw on the threaded .50 Cal, replacing the General Dynamics M2A1 flash hider.  SEI even added its famous skull logo that is seen on so many other of its products.

The soldiers of the 82nd Airborne will be testing the new Smith Enterprise M2A1 .50 Cal Vortex Flash Hider on 9 October, 2013.  SEI will post the review and results when they come in.

In case you missed it, SEI rebuilt some sound suppressors for 1SG Onstine's Unit previously.  1SG Onstine is a silver star recipient and a very knowledgeable veteran of overseas combat. 

John Bainer
USMC Retired
Smith Enterprise

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