Friday, October 4, 2013

SHM 308 Vepr Carbine

You have seen what Snake Hound Machine could do with a .308 caliber rifle when they introduced the Vepr SASS, now they have unleashed their own custom 308 Vepr Carbine. The semi-auto Kalashnikov rifle features a Krebs Custom Vepr Keymod and TWS Scope rail for their premium option or a Lightweight Tri-rail forearm for standard models. 

SHM 308 Vepr Carbine - Premium Package
The SHM 308 Vepr Carbine is designed to shoot a .308 round with a reduction in recoil and maintain 1MOA accuracy at distance, while maintaining overall reliability. Total weight comes in just over 8 pounds with a slight increase for the premium package. 

SHM 308 Vepr Carbine
Snake Hound Machine combined a who's who of the top Made in the USA firerams components to customize their lightweight and accurate 308 Vepr Carbine. All models will include a 16.5" chrome line hammer forged barrel with a 1:12.6 twist, EFFIN A Comp, Rifle Dynamics AK/AR Stock Adapter, Tromix Oversized Bolt Knob, Polished Bolt/Action, US Palm AKBG Grip, Krebs Enhanced Safety, Overpowered Springs and Recoil Compensation Package, as well as a B5 Bravo SOPMOD Stock.  Ordering is now available online at

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