Thursday, October 10, 2013

Russia Arms and Hunting 2013

Today Russia kicked off their Arms and Hunting Exhibition for 2013 showcasing 150 examples of small arms produced by the newly formed Kalashnikov Group featuring manufacturers previously known as Izhmash and Molot among others. One of the highlighted models includes the Saiga MK-107 chambered in .223 Rem, which is a semi-auto civilian model based on the AK-108.

Saiga MK-107 .223 Rem
On the VEPR front they will be showcasing a variety of options for different caliber rifles focused at hunters and target shootering including models in 9X19mm and 22LR. Clearly they are focusing on a broad market of shooters to further expand their capabilities for export to civilian markets, which is a big drive behind the new Kalashnikov branding. 

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