Friday, October 25, 2013

Open Source: Spuhr Interface

Spuhr AB is particularly known for their optics mounts, however they are introducing several aftermarket components for some of the more popular firearms in the industry that feature their own Spuhr Interface. Those familiar with their products know the stability and ease of use provided by their direct mount attachement system. Much like the KeyMod, the Spuhr Interface provides a low profile mount through the use of bolt on modularity only where you need it.

Spuhr MP5 Forend
The Spuhr interface is simply two threaded holes with dual conical parts. In producing the interface, the weight of the component is reduced by removing material rather than adding to it with full length rails. Spuhr AB manufactures their own compatible accessories to utilize in conjunction with the interface, which is also featured on many of their products.

Spuhr Interface Panel
The best part of it all is the fact that they have opened up their Spuhr Interface as an open source technology. Spuhr AB will send you the drawings, so that you can utilize their interface in your own firearms components. Outside of their optics mounts, the Swedish based manufacturer currently only produces aftermarket parts for HK firearms, but you can clearly see the possibilities for the Spuhr Interface to be utilized in multiple platforms.

Picatinny Rail for Spuhr Interface

Clearly Spuhr AB will benefit if the use of their interface picks up due to the production of different accessories that can be used in connection with the direct mount system. While the KeyMod Direct Attachment System is certainly picking up steam over the past two years, there is yet another open source technology for firearms manufacturers to consider in producing lightweight options. For additional information visit:

MP5 Featuring Spuhr Forend and M4 Stock Adapter

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  1. Open source? I believe this is patented.