Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magpul Move Announcement at SHOT Show?

We have been quite curious as to where Magpul will make their home after pulling up stakes. Apparently there are some grumbling out there that they have not already moved given their pledge after the latest anti-2nd Amendment legislation in Colorado. The Boulder Daily Camera caught on to some of the typical cantankerous commenters on Facebook complaining that Magpul had not made a move yet. In response Magpul higher ups are pointing to employee considerations causing the delay. We have been checking on possible clues and even came across the fact that Magpul is still hiring in Erie, CO. 

With a brand like Magpul, it is certain that there is a lot at play when making an open statement that a move will take place and they have followed that up with assurances that it will be done. While the Daily Camera finds the big story to be potential customers lost due to the delay, we like to see the positive with the announcement that they will be possibly releasing a final destination by the end of the year or even SHOT Show 2014. We can't think of a better place to make such a big press release and frankly why not just wait till then especially if you are going to be highlighting new products that will go under production at your new home. 

In the scheme of things this would not even be a year to make a decision on moving an industry giant, so keep your cool before making condemnations against a business making decisions based on principals rather than profit. 

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