Thursday, October 31, 2013

Definitive Arms Custom Saiga .223

We are seeing some great looking custom AK rifles being rolled out and Definitive Arms is one more custom designer that is utilizing some of the latest and greatest components available. They have just released their own Custom Saiga .223 and as with several of the latest designs, there is a good amount of AR influence in the mix. You can also see they are picking up on the KeyMod Direct Attachment System with Krebs Custom UFM KeyMod Rail System. Definitive Arms has customized the fore-end to utilize a Venom Tactical Front Sight Gas Block.

Definitive Arms Custom Saiga .223
One of the other key components utilized that top AK builders are swearing by is the Rifle Dynamics M4 Stock Adapter. This allows Definitive Arms to slap on the Magpul STR. They are also integrating the popular US Palm AK Battle Grip, an RPK Fully Adjustable Rear Site, Power Custom 2 Stage Trigger, and a Magpul 40-Round PMAG to round things out nicely. The barrel is 14.5" and is has a Smith Vortex Flash Hider pinned and welded to bring overall length to 16.1 to avoid the stamp. Visit for full details on the custom AK builder. 

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