Monday, October 28, 2013

Centurion Light Fighter System in PenCott SnowDrift

We are liking the Centurion Light Fighter Parka more and more each time we see it. This time around Domari Nolo Defense consulting is showing off their water resistant parka along side a prototype pant they are working on to offer a complete Centurion Light Fighter System (CLFS) for a complete outerwear solution. The parka packs down to fit in a small pouch as you can see in the photo below wear they easily stuff it into the top pouch of the Ares Armor Combat XII Pack. 
Centurion Light Fighter System
Domari Nolo are starting the CLFS in the four PenCott Camouflage Patterns including the arctic SnowDrift pattern seen above. The CLFS was developed by Hunters for Hunters and is manufactured in the United States and had its debut at Circle The Wagons this month in Colorado. Obviously a garment such as this can be customized for different color and camo options as demand permits. We see a lot of promise for a lightweight outer concealment garment that can be kept on hand as the need arises for the given environment. We have talked out length with the guys over at Domari Nolo and you will not be disappointed with the pricing, especially considering it is made stateside. 

CLFS in PenCott SnowDrift Field Shot
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