Thursday, October 24, 2013

Arizona Best State for Concealed Carry 2013

While Arizona was voted Best State for Gun Owners this year by Guns and Ammo, it is apparently also the Best State for Concealed Carry. We were bit surprised given some of the issues with reciprocity, but that is clearly made up with a domination on all other counts. You can argue the merits of their point system, but it does give an overall rounded perspective on how to rate different states.

While we hear many folks in the industry talk about how much open carry you see in Arizona, having lived in Phoenix most of my life I can surmise from observation that there is a lot more concealed carry going on nowadays. Perhaps this is different in towns around the state. It may be tough to determine exact figures, but if you could determine what percentage of people actually put their constitutional rights to use, then this could be another great statistic to throw in the mix for a definitive vote. You can see how your own state fared at

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