Friday, October 4, 2013

AR-15 Buyer's Market

It didn't take long after the ebb of anti-gun legislation for gun store racks to start filling with the popular AR-15 rifles. I visited the Grand Opening for a C-A-L Ranch store down the street and was pleasantly surprised to see completely full shelves. Obviously this should not be a revelation given that they just opened the doors, but there was a wide range of AR-15 rifles to choose from including about a dozen from Bushmaster. You also had your choice of .223 Rem and .22 LR ammunition from various manufacturers and at reasonable pricing. 

Bushmaster MSR Promo 2013

You perhaps have also made this same observation over the past month, however it was not long ago, oh say January when racks were plucked clean. People were writing dealers asking for any possible 30 round magazine and the most low end firearms companies were backordered for months in relation to what they could actually produce. People were spending $90+ for a PMAG and certain companies were happy to sell them at that price, you know who you are. 

Sure there are some hard to find parts out there, particularly from high quality manufacturers, but I won't belabor the point further that complete rifles or the puzzle pieces that make an AR-15 are easy to find.  Now the dust has settled and we are starting to see firearms manufacturers cracking the whip in their marketing departments. Flyers  like the one seen above, once missing from the internet, are starting to flow again. The day of $600-$700 rifles is back. Perhaps its not exactly what you want, but for not much more you can get that too. 

Just remember the panic of 2012/2013 come next October when the 2014 campaign season is in full swing and it is not preposterous to conceive that anti-gun legislation is back on the table for negotiation. If you already have what you need, then good for you. Certainly don't wait till the next surge raises its ugly head and clears the shelves again, whether there is logic behind it or not. History tends to repeat itself and it generally does not give warning till you are having Deja Vu while google searching for buffer springs. 

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