Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear Win Marine Corps Contract

Lakewood, WA 19 SEP 13

Tactical Tailor is proud to announce they have been awarded a contract by the United States Marine Corps to provide four (4) pieces of kit for Marine use. Today Tactical Tailor was advised they were selected to provide modular load-bearing pouches for the AN/PVS-14, AN/PRC-153 IISR and PRC 152. They will also be providing 40mm grenade bandoliers. Tactical Tailor collaborated closely with partner Grey Ghost Gear to obtain the contract.
The NVG pouch, technically the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular and Rhino Mount pouch, was designed by Grey Ghost Gear in conjunction with USSOCOM personnel who were actually on the ground in Afghanistan at the time. It remains one of their most highly demanded pieces of gear.
The 40 mike-mike bandoliers are one of the most widely-recognized pieces of gear Tactical Tailor makes. The bandolier has been povided to numerous units at the local level will now be implemented for broad base distribution for “standard issue” to all Marine grenadiers.
Tactical Tailor CEO Casey Ingels was preparing to fly to the Middle East to consult with representatives of USSOCOM at the time of this release. However, Lindsey Lea, Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development and High Despotrix, was happy to discuss the contract.
“This was the first really big collaboration between Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear,” Ms. Lea advised. “We’re especially excited because this was a specific request. They didn’t come to us and ask us to build something they’d already developed specs for. They contracted us to provide those pieces of gear because it has all been tested hard in the field. This is obviously great news. From a business perspective it’s obviously a great contract to win. From a personal perspective it’s very rewarding to know we’ve had a hand in putting the most rugged, purpose-built gear available into those Marines’ hands.”

The items and their NSNs include:

AN PVS 14 NSN 8465-01-620-7014 (Grey Ghost Gear Product)

PRC 153 Pouch NSN 8465-01-620-7045 (Tactical Tailor Product)

PRC 152 Pouch NSN 8465-01-620-7042 (Tactical Tailor Product)

40mm Grenade Multi Round Bandoleer NSN 8465-01-620-7022 (Tactical Tailor Product)

For further information contac: Ms. Lindsey Lea at: ll(at)


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