Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raven Aerostar NEMESIS Turkey Suit

With the help of W.L. Gore and Associates, Raven Aerostar has developed a new line of apparel, hides, and covers called NEMESIS, which will provide a completely new layer of camouflage utilizing Multispectral Concealment material. In addition to seeking a visual solution for evading detection, the technology utilized in the new NEMESIS products will also work to protect the military end user in the nIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR spectral regions. They have developed a solution to combat a variety of sensors that the enemy can throw at it.
NEMESIS Turkey Suit
The first release in the NEMESIS line is an overgarment package called the Turkey Suit, which includes a jacket, pant, hood, and face shield. The Turkey Suit features a Digital Woodland Pattern that is compatible with AOR2 and MARPAT Woodland. Additional loops are present to add jute, vegetation, and any other element to adjust the visual camouflage to a specific environment. The Turkey Suit is now available for purchase through

Nemesis Line: Raven Aerostar
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