Monday, September 9, 2013

Quantum Stealth Cloaking Drones

We have covered HyperStealth's Quantum Stealth technology on a few occasions highlighting the ability for the light bending material to cloak whichever object it is covering. HyperStealth has now reported that a UAV has conducted a test flight covered with the Quantum Stealth material without experiencing any abnormal effects due to the application of the top secret technology.

Quantum Stealth
HyperStealth would not elaborate further on whether the U.S. or Canadian military conducted the testing or if Quantum Stealth worked as expected in concealing the drone from being viewed in flight. It has already been noted that the Quantum Stealth material can be applied to military vehicles, clothing, and equipment, so the ability for one product to provide the ability to move freely without being detected in the visual, infrared, or thermal spectrum is quite intriguing. 

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