Thursday, September 19, 2013

PENCARI Training Solutions Teaches Kenyan Special Forces in Pathfinder BDU

Major (Ret.) Dean Williams MBE of PENCARI Training Solutions utilized Hyde Definition's Pathfinder BDU in their PenCott BadLands patter during a combat tracking training exercise in Africa with Kenyan Special Forces. He noted that the camouflage was an excellent match for the terrain, and BDUs were an excellent tool for the job as well. The Pathfinder BDU is currently available for purchase at

PENCARI Training Solutions Teaching Kenyan Special Forces

Dean spent 26 years serving in the British Royal Marine Commandos in a myriad of specialist units, serving at every rank from Marine to Major.  Dean also has experience in the commercial training sector, and he is the visionary behind PENCARI’s development. PENCARI means ‘Searcher or Seeker’ in Bahasa Malay. It was while serving in Borneo in SE Asia, initially as the Training Officer and then the Officer Commanding the UK Military’s Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking School that Dean recognised the need for an intelligent and focussed training delivery organisation that continually ‘seeks’ and strives for the very latest techniques in training design, concept and delivery. For additional information visit
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