Saturday, September 21, 2013

No Sign Means Good to Go

We are starting to see the mainstream media extend the Starbucks guns not welcome debate into other establishments with the Business Insider asking McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts what is their company gun policies for customers. They could have just said no comment, but at least they stuck with the "we follow applicable laws". It is not clear to us when or why it was determined that Starbucks would be set as an example. Nor do we understand why elements of the gun community provided them with free advertising for having the same policy as many coffee shops, but clearly when their hand was forced it backfired on those same elements.
NO Sign = GTG
There are plenty of businesses that do not have "No Firearms Allowed" signs greeting you at the front door. At least in Arizona, this is the only thing legally prohibiting gun owners from carrying in their restaurant establishment unless they serve alcohol and you don't have a concealed carry permit. We don't know what the case may be for other states where laws vary quite drastically in this regard, but simply put if you don't want the answer to be "NO", then don't bother asking. If there is no sign then you are good to go for restaurants. Obviously you need to research your own local laws if there are further restrictions for specific establishments, especially when it comes to alcohol sales. Technically this sign has no legal bearing, since it doesn't follow all of the requirements by AZ statutes, but the sentiment is clear.
We already see some within the gun community bringing up the debate on McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts. How about we just let this whole movement die on the vine. Unless you want further establishments that you can't visit or bring your children, then just stick by the No Sign = GTG logic. Perhaps the mainstream media will play with the concept a little longer, but if there isn't a retort from the gun community on the issue then there will be no controversy and thus a rather boring news story will no longer be covered. Obviously, this just applies to private businesses selling food and there are plenty of Federal or Local laws governing different public or private buildings, so do your own research and make sure you are within legal reason whether you are open or concealed carrying.
You may say, "Well Starbucks doesn't have a sign". In which case you can make up your own mind. You are an adult in the real world.

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