Thursday, August 22, 2013

Warrior Web Lightweight Undersuit

Darpa has released full details on their final phase of Warrior Web in seeking proposals for a lightweight undersuit. Essentially they are looking for a solution to provide an easier means to carry the heavy load that a Soldier is tasked with by giving added support to the bodies structure and joints. 

Warrior Web Lightweight Undersuit (DARPA Sample)

The end goal is improved endurance over the long haul and relief from possible stress injuries. What they needs is an Undersuit that can be worked around the existing combat uniform and OCIE/PPE, while maintaining overall comfort and usability in combat conditions. A power source can be utilized to drive any mechanisms but they note a limit of 100 watts for operation. 

DARPA has provided the above photo to gives a decent idea as to the type of technology they are seeking. We have seen plenty of robo-suits and this particular design looks simplistic enough to work in providing what they need assuming the final result provides the mobility and added support to carry the load given. For full details visit:

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