Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vertx Low-Pro and Range Bags

We know Vertx can deliver some great tactical pants and they carried over their success to a variety of high performance outerwear. Now they are announcing their new Low Pro and Range Bags series. While their photos are a bit cryptic, you can get a general idea of what they will be releasing. 

Vertx announces the development of a new line of wearables and organizational kit. Included in the line will be various bags and packs designed for low profile operations and, concurrent with their release, the reveal of a new series of rolling duffels that will absolutely change the way you go to the range. “Unlikely as it sounds,” says Vertx Business Development Manager Darrell Morrow, “we really have reinvented the wheel.” 

Speced, patterned and prototyped by leading outdoor and tactical designer Industrial Alchemy were hinted at back during SHOT 2013. Since then they have been rigorously tested and tweaked. Most recently they were evaluated by SME Matt Jacques of Victory First Consulting, whose unique and extensive background provides unequaled insight into the many concerns and ramifications of fighting from concealment. "Industrial Alchemy and Vertx have put some real thought and work into these bags," Jacques advises. "There is some unexpected innovation here. New concealment elements, stowage, the incorporation of different modularity…

The design of the...we can call them mounting solutions will make waves in the modular pool, It is well done. This is going to change the way people organize their gear and work on the range. There are some very different options.

Laughing, Morrow agrees. “We were happy with but not surprised at Matt’s reaction. It validated all our work. No one will believe what a game changer these pieces are until they put them to work. Then they’re going to need to change their pants.”

Jacques came to the attention of Vertx recently with the publication of an article wherein he evaluated Vertx brand pants from several perspectives (tactical, concealed carry and workaday needs). Previously hinted at on Soldier Systems back in January, the new gear will make its debut at SHOT Show 2014.

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