Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Troy Industries Cuts Off Dick's Sporting Goods

We were finally seeing the Troy Defense Carbines making their way out to the masses, but it was a long road for Troy to get them to market. Dick's Sporting Goods had an exclusive release and promptly sold out of initial shipments, so some shoppers were lucky to get there hands on some good firearms at drop rate pricing. Dick's had listed the carbines far below retail and at a price that Troy anticipated to drive volume. However, they promptly stop selling AR platform rifles after the Newton tragedy. 

Troy Defense Carbine
This business decision left a lot a bad taste in a lot of mouths, especially those over at Troy who was counting on Dick's to deliver on their agreement. Not to mention the fact that they spit in the face of the gun industry and community by making a knee jerk decision to alienate certain semi-automatic firearms. Now the dust has settled on the gun control extravaganza and Dick's thinks they can just get back into Troy's good graces, but they are not having it. Troy Industries released the following statement outlining their point of view on the situation and possible reasons for any sales at any of Dick's Sporting Good Stores:

"It has come to our attention several media outlets are reporting that Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) will resume sales of Troy Defense Carbines through their new retail outlet Field & Stream.

Dick’s Sporting Goods severed its business relationship with Troy Industries, Inc. in December, 2012. Troy has not sold or shipped any Troy Defense Carbines to DSG since that time, nor is it Troy’s intention to sell any rifles to Dick’s Sporting Goods, its subsidiaries or affiliates in the future.

If Dick’s Sporting Goods has rifles to sell at its affiliate store, the only logical explanation is that the retailer had Troy Defense Carbines stored in backroom inventory. 

We apologize to any of our supporters for any confusion. Troy has reached out to writers to have these erroneous media instances redacted.

Dick’s behavior during a time of crisis clearly shows they do not support the Second Amendment as we at Troy Industries do."

We applaud Troy Industries in their decision overlook possible sales in order to stand up against big box stores or anyone within the retail community who thinks they can play the fair weather friend game when it comes to the sell of firearms sales. This is a great opportunity to point out these great products, so check them out at

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