Saturday, August 17, 2013

SPECOPS Ultra-Lekki Plate Carrier

There is a continual development of lightweight plate carriers across the industry. SPECOPS has now introduced their Ultra-Lekki Plate Carrer (ULPC) with dual laser-cut 750D Cordura Laminate for an integrated modular load bearing attachment system. The Ultra Lightweight PC weighs from 14-17 ounces depending on the size and laminate, which can vary based on color.

SPECOPS Ultra Lekki Plate Carrier
The ULPC will hold two SAPI armor plates with the option of attaching side plates via MOLLE pouches. The plate carrier is available in two sizes including Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. 

ULPC SAPI Plate Carrier

SPECOPS has priced the ULPC at approximately $300 USD and will have it available in all of their standard colors. Additional features include elastic loops in shoulder straps for hydro and comms routing, multi-layer hook and loop system for secure fit at waist, as well as loop at chest for identification. For contact information and ordering visit eu.SPECOPS.Pl

ULPC Waist View


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