Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Navy Awards $1 Million Contract for Brite-Strike DLC

If a flashlight/knife combo was not enough, apparently a Flashlight/Video/Sound Recorder is in demand from the U.S. Navy. The Duty Light Camera is a Brite-Strike flashlight with a maximum output of 310 Lumens along and a camera for 3GP Video recording in the head of the flashlight. It also features an integrated microphone in the body for sound recording. The flashlight was developed for law enforcement and military with key marketing focused at police departments to protect their officers by recording any encounters with the public. 

Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera
The U.S. Navy through NSWC Crane released a solicitation back in March for 2250 units of the Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera (DLC). Brite Strike has now announced that their distributor ADS Inc. has been awarded the contract for approximately $1 Million from the U.S. Navy to purchase their flashlights. For full information on the Duty Light Camera visit: See the full report at

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