Friday, August 23, 2013

Diamondback Firearms DB380SL

There are plenty of great concealed carry .380 ACP pistols on the market and Diamondback Firearms has had plenty of comparisons against competing models with their DB380. Today they have now released the DB380SL. Essentially, much of the pistol has remained the same with a few key differences. They now have enhanced the grip for a more ergnomic and easy purchase. Going along with that same train of thought they have improved the scallops on the slide to more easily chamber a round given a common perception of the handgun having a stiff spring. 

Diamondback Firearms DB380SL
Overall Diamondback Firearms confirmed with us that there will be improved cycling on this version. Internally, the main differential is on the trigger. They have now opted to utilize the 9mm trigger on this model. Aesthetically you will easily note the slides change to a Duotone color scheme as apposed to a standard black finish, which mixes things up for those that want something different. It is great that they stuck with the overall size of the standard model while making key operational changes for the shooter. The representative we spoke with noted that the pricing will be comparable with the original .380 model. For full specs visit

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