Monday, August 26, 2013

BCS Tactical Load Mount Platform

Beez Combat Systems has released details on their new Tactical Load Mount Platform (TLMP). The concept is rather simplistic offering a modular system for direct attachment to any body armor carrier with QASM buckles. The TLMP can also be converted to a traditional chest rig utilizing the diagonal placed webbing loops at the corners along with the horizontal loops by utilizing your own added webbing and buckles. 

BCS Tactical Load Mount Platform
The TLMP can be ordered with or without magazine pouches included as you can see from the different  versions in the photo above. The platform includes an internal pocket for added storage and three rows of PALS webbing. The TLMP will be customized to your needs with 8 or 10 columns of PALS and 3 or 4 magazine pouches if you would like them included, providing for four different configurations. A velcro loop panel is placed at the rear of the platform to further stabilize the TLMP. A hook panel is provided as a cover when this is not in use. 

The Tactical Load Mount Plate form was designed to provide a modular load bearing system that can be customized to your needs as well as an individual situation. It can easily be set up with your kit for an individual scenario and set aside for attachment when needed. The conversion to a chest rig provides for further utilization and can also be combined with the BCS Padded Harness for a complete load bearing system. There are many ways you can swing it, but the key purpose is the make it your own based on your own preferred hardware and armor carrier. 

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