Wednesday, July 31, 2013

TUFF1 Gun Grip Covers

Some products concepts are so simple they need little explanation. TUFF1 offers grip covers that will fit almost all aftermarket pistol grips. We just received an A-TACS AU Camo version, which will be released soon. 

TUFF1 Gun Grip Cover - A-TACS AU
The TUFF 1 Gun Grip Cover is easy to install for a tight fit custom to your own grip. The is an increased purchase on the grip for the snake skin (Boa) version we tried out. There are different styles for the grip, but we are thinking the rubber material itself is the major impetus for a non-slip grip. You can also trim the product to fit if it is larger thatn your pistol grip or you simply want a portion of your grip covered. You note the durability when installing given its ability stretch without tearing. Ordering is available online at

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