Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tactical Taping

After seeing Olympians wear it along with 5K superstars, it is a wonder that Kinesiology tape is not more thoroughly recommended for any type of training. Perhaps a requirement for a roll of tape in your first aid kit should now be a given after seeing this series of videos from Rock Tap, which has been promoted by Chris Costa for quite some time now. We are sure there will be many couch commando detractors who have never needed that extra edge, but lets see them argue the point with Decathletes, Marathon Runners, and more pointedly tactical operators of yore who just recently started receiving the the aid of tape. 

Chris Costa helps explain the application in the tactical arena in the video below. Athletes have been training their bodies to provide maximum performance for centuries, so why not take the 21st Century advantage. Of course you could research the scientific research surrounding Kinesiology tape and see its efficacy. 

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