Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snake Hound Machine AK 101 and Armorer Course

Coming up on August 2nd Snake Hound Machine in conjunction with Rockwell Tactical will be hosting their first AK Courses. There will be an extremely small instructor to student ration with just around 16 slots available. We talked with Owen Martin from SHM who said, they are looking to keep their courses affordable to reach as many people as possible, but provide a small class setting to ensure plenty of individual attention. 

The two part course will run approximately 10 hours with a start time of 8am at the Londonderry Fish and Game Club. In addition to learning the fundamentals of shooting the Kalashnikov platform rifle, you will also build focus on maintenance, repair, modification and other design aspects along with installing your own SHM Combat Trigger. Snake Hound Machine also has options for ammo purchase if you can't bring your own. Additional courses will be added in the near future if you can't make this one. You can view full details, course enrollment, and necessary course materials required at:

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