Friday, July 12, 2013

OFFGRID Magazine

This magazine is a testament to the growing number of people who are aware of the necessity to be prepared for a survival situation and find themselves living off the grid. It is quickly apparent that OFFGRID is brought to you by the same folks as RECOIL, the popular and certainly controversial firearms publication that is big on style. 

OFFGRID Magazine
There are plenty of Survival, Prepper, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse, and Zombie forums, books, tv shows, and other media out there to plan your big escape from civilization. However, we are excited to see a magazine that could draw mainstream appeal with a clean modern aesthetic with big pretty pictures and plenty of professional content to inform the masses. 

Just as you would expect from a premier issue of a survival preparation information magazine, OFFGRID Starts with the basics. You will find a wide range of topics covered from all types of gear and food needed, first aid, along with information pieces on simple staples like paracord. They didn't stop there as they delve into more advanced topics like sourcing alternative fuels and different options for water purification beyond a filter.

OFFGRID Multitool Buyer's Guide
A Buyers Guide was provided for Multitools and they even fit in coverage of firearms to utilize for self defense with contribution provided by Kyle Lamb and Stickman. Overall I was impressed with the depth of information and felt the normally steep $9 price tag for a magazine was well worth the content to give it a test drive. Plus, with it being the first issue there are limited ads, though the few companies that did get ad space are relatively applicable to the subject with a heavy firearms industry presence.  I would pick up future issues just to see where they go with things, especially since they provide a fairly eye-pleasing presentation. Now that the primer has been given, it will be interesting to see how in-depth they can go with more complicated concepts and scenarios.

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